The Elfelline Trading Company is currently based in Madrid, Spain. It is specialized in the international trading fields of fertilizers, luxury goods (cosmetics, fashion, jewelry and arts), and provision of professional various services, in particular for start-ups, in the area of management and distribution logistics. With our expertise, we help young start-ups to become part of the international scene.
Elfelline Trading manages all operations related to the establishment of businesses relationship and trading. We also provide supervision and guidance to start-ups, in an ecological and innovative approach.
To offer the best support to our partners from all over the world, we engage an array of international network of experts who are specialized in specific area of import/export, distribution and negotiations.
Our company guarantees high quality products by following strict national regulations and international best practices in the production processes of each product category, in order to achieve one of our utmost priorities in minimizing harmful impacts to the natural environment to deliver sustainable legacy for the future generations to come.
Our engagements
Elfelline Trading is engaged in a sustainable development way by choosing innovative partners who are known worldwide for their values concerning eco-friendly trade and high quality services. Values that we share and care about.
Offering high-quality services, in compliance with the laws and international standards, Elfelline Trading takes care of all the procedures and operations, ensuring a complete and meticulous follow-up of every engagement taken with its customers (for example, monitoring the departure of goods to their final destinations, and the payment of the contract).
Our values
Elfelline Trading had implemented a policy based on ethic and excellence. We are committed to offer high quality products and to respect our engagements, through attractive and competitive prices, for the satisfaction of our clients, while ensuring:

1 A prestigious client service, and the know-how our experts (which will support and guide young designers and start-ups we believe in)

2 Transparency in communication

3 Reliability

4 Traceability of the products it represent

Eco-responsibility, a non-negotiable priority for us
Because the Future of our planet and that of our children’s is played out today, we put great effort in collaboration with process always more innovative and respectful of the ecology and every living being.
Eco-responsibility is the cornerstone of our company, who tend to support, with full disclosure, the distribution and sale of products which promote:

A collaborative company,Social economy and solidarity,Fair trade,Protection of the ecosystem,Recycling,Organic Farming,Zero-waste production,No products tested on animals,Sustainable fashion products

In the same idea, we develop partnership with companies that prohibit:

Use of toxic products, Social inequalities and child labor, Greenwashing , Fraud and non-compliance with ethical rules and standards.

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